f3licitetomlinsonBest man is creepin on my hug

Louis Tomlinson , 22, and his younger fiance Harry Styles ,20, loutside the Shamrock Tattoo parlour in West Hollywood. ( PART 5/~)

“Harry who for the day was in great spirit handed out hugs left and right. Because that’s what Harry does. Spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone.”

Olle Kvarnsmyr, Aftonbladet. About Harry at Jay’s wedding (via carmalisa)


Louis visiting Stracta Restaurant in Vilamoura 7/16/14



Jay and Dan at their wedding - 20.07.2014

harry with louis’ grandpa x

@stevenleemosby: Dan and Jays big day. Amazing day with amazing people #greattimes #topselfie


 x Were the others sat at this table too?